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Our Youth Programs

Do not underestimate the YOUTH. It starts with mom or dad out in the back yard, throwing the ball, shooting the hoops, and instilling perseverance, team work and just plain good values. The DSHS Athletic Department is deeply vested in the incredible volunteers, parents, and youth program leaders that tirelessly put on youth sporting activities that develop our young superstars.  While the DS Boosters is largely focused on what plays out at the high school level, we acknowledge the tight bond and partnership with the entire Dover Sherborn community and the student-athlete development that occurs from 3rd to 8th grade.  By supporting these herculean efforts as best we can, we help ensure our competitive set in high school – all of which is key to us pursuing those state championships.

Dover Sherborn Youth Teams

Team Type of Sports Website URL

DSW Patriots
Football Website

DS Youth Boys’ Lacrosse
Lacrosse Website

DS Youth Girls’ Lacrosse

Lacrosse Website

DS Soccer Club
Soccer Website

DS Youth Basketball
Basketball Website
DS Youth Softball & Baseball Softball & Baseball Website
DS Youth Field Hockey Field Hockey Website