DS Athletic Complex Vision

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In 2010, the DS Boosters invested in the design and engineering of a Master Plan for the Regional School Campus.  In 2012, we raised and invested ~$1.35M to construct the Nora Searle turf field and track stadium.Since that time, the DS Boosters has invested substantial time, energy and money into further tightening this Master Plan – to create a stronger, more all-inclusive vision for our Regional Campus and our community at large.

Proposed Master Plan

  • Field and court-based accessibility in spring and fall is challenging for all DS sports programs.
  • Our athletic facilities at the Regional School Campus have limitations in quality, maintenance, repairs, or spectator facilities.
  • Our community expects a high-caliber, total academic experience for their children — this includes the opportunity to be a challenged student AND an inspired athlete.
  • We have a huge opportunity to upgrade field access to athletes and spectators who would benefit from ADA accommodations.
  • Members of DS High School’s growing alumni network have expressed their support in building this vision together.
  • Communities that collaborate to solve known issues can add huge value to their neighborhood while cultivating a sense of connection and accomplishment — this helps strengthen the fabric of the towns we live in.
  • Preparing our youth to become great listeners and leaders is a shared focus. Athletic-based, experiential-learning opportunities are an important element of growing up and building character.
  • The current and future Chickering and Pine Hill student body and all field-based youth sports across Dover and Sherborn will benefit greatly from a new Athletic Complex.
  • By coming together to raise this “barn,” we can galvanize our community and add lasting value. Collectively we can help inspire spirit, connection, and pride while creating a legacy infrastructure for future DS athletes


Dover & Sherborn Taxpayers By electing to enhance the athletic infrastructure, we are investing in one of our greatest assets — the DS Regional School Campus. Strength of our schools and their ability to deliver high quality academic AND athletic experiences to our children will add perpetual value to our community.
Dover & Sherborn Parks & Rec. This upgrade will provide increased access to 6 grass fields and two athletic turf surfaces for our community members, creating flexibility in field allocation, resting surfaces, Spring snow melt, etc.
School Administration & Leadership Enhancing the athletic infrastructure through private funding will take pressure off school budgets while still delivering upgraded facilities with lower cost maintenance budgets per field. This improvement will support the school’s ability to attract and retain coaches, families, and aspiring student athletes throughout their high school career.
Field Based Youth Sports Programs & Community Leagues These new courts and fields will create increased access, expose our youth to the high caliber high school play, and offer enhanced training facilities, tournament options, clinics, etc.
Local Partners Corporate sponsorships, naming rights, and tastefully done advertising opportunities will present themselves through this project and the ongoing events, tournaments, etc. that will be hosted at this facility.
  • There is a collective belief — in our families and in the growing DS alumni network — that there is value in investing in one of our community’s greatest assets: the Regional School and its athletic infrastructure. And that these constituents care enough to see this through.
  • That our families and alumni want to help future generations of DS student athletes by developing a sustainable platform on which they can learn to train, compete, unite, cheer, listen, and lead.
  • This effort will only succeed with private funding, corporate donations, and charitable contributions. The Towns and School Administration are not prepared to absorb any of the construction costs.
  • A collection of student-athlete parents who share a passion for giving back, making a difference, and pulling our communities together. We recognize a shared love of sport and the positive benefits that flow from participation by our children in their K-12 years.
  • The Boosters have been working on this project since 2010 and serve as the appropriate bridge between the Regional School Committee, Administration, towns, schools, teams, coaches, and alumni. As a group, they are committed to strengthening our community, one student athlete at a time by fostering family-to-family, sport-to-sport connections across Dover and Sherborn.
  • Many hands make light work. And just like our town sports, this is a team effort. If you have a desire to participate as a volunteer, please email: doversherbornboosters@gmail.com
  • A new full size, multi-purpose, synthetic turf field equipped to serve all field sports
  • A new softball field with irrigation, dugouts, ADA accessibility, fencing, etc.
  • A new baseball diamond with dugouts, fencing, bullpens, scoring, ADA accessibility, etc.
  • Two new grass fields to total three grass fields on the lower campus in addition to three existing grass fields on the upper campus
  • Six new tennis courts and spectator viewing area
  • One new basketball court (planned location still TBD)
  • New walkways and path connections throughout the complex
  • Compliance with Dover town rules and regulations
  • An escrow account that will cover future turf replacement costs
  • A transparent field leasing system allowing youth sports programs and community athletic groups to gain access

2019 – Raise Community Awareness

2019 – Identify one to three lead donors to spark the project

2020 – Secure all private capital; Obtain permits

2020 – Design, Engineering, Bids / Selection

2021 – Project Execution

We would like an hour of your time in a location of your choosing. If you can share your insights, perspectives, and personal connections that would help advance this project and its mission, we would greatly appreciate it.

To confirm your interest, can you kindly email doversherbornboosters@gmail.com

Booster Board Members

Christopher Robbins

Bo O’Connell

Dave Grosek

Karyn Kaplan

Jeanne Devine

Tom Britt

Judith Shultz

Christine Gleason

Wendy Evans

Erin Gordon

Diane Russo

Jane Johnstone

Meredith Atkins

John Budd

Joe Gallagher

Dennis Jenkins

Drasko Korvlija

Steering Committee Members

Christopher Robbins

Andy Thompson

Dave Grosek

Karyn Kaplan

Mike Rossbottom

Peter Schwartz

Matt Collins

Matt Luczkow

Nathan Berkowitz

Judith Shultz

Joe Gallagher

John Almy

Francisco Heredia

John Shue

Dan Sullivan

Bill Presuitti

Cara Ahola