DS Athletic Complex Vision

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In 2012, the DS Boosters raised and invested ~$1.35M to construct the Nora Searle turf field and track stadium.  Included in this was the design and development of a Master Plan for the campus that included many other enhancements to the athletic facilities beyond the Nora Searle field project.

Since that time, the DS Boosters has invested substantial time, energy and money into further tightening this Master Plan – to create a stronger, more all-inclusive vision for our Regional Campus and our community at large.

The schematics you are looking at here reflect a collaboration between the Regional School Committee, the Superintendent, the Principal, and the Athletic Director as well as leading members of the Youth Sports organizations to ensure that the scope of work we evaluated take into account the interests of as many interest groups as possible and consider the long-term impact this project will have on the entire community.

The actual components of this scope of work include (but are not limited to*) the following:

  • New Baseball diamond complete with new player space, dugouts, bullpens, fencing, scoreboard and spectator seating.
  • New Softball diamond complete with new player space, dugouts, ADA accessibility, irrigation, scoreboard and spectator seating.
  • New all-purpose full size 330×220 artificial turf field complete with scoreboards, team accessories, accommodation for all sports and spectator seating.
  • Three (3) newly built or renovated all-purpose, full size 330×220 grass fields.
  •  Five (5) newly built tennis courts complete with spectator seating and storage.

  • New Basketball court

  • New walkways and connectors from fields to the main campus.

  • New maintenance facility to support the long-term facilities and field maintenance crew.

The renovations are great and necessary and many would argue, long overdue. But there is a bigger, more important reason behind pursuing this DS Athletic Complex. As a community of current residents in Dover Sherborn and across our broad DS Alumni, we are collectively poised to create legacy – to set the table for generations of future student athletes to live out their dreams through the thrill of organized sports. We are poised to help student athletes get up front and personal with what it means to compete, to win, to lose, to listen, to collaborate, to get coached, be leaders, and grow as young adults.

The DS Athletic Complex breathes life into Dover Sherborn Athletics’ first-ever strategic plan, seeking increased investment in competitive excellence, facility enhancement, and student-athlete development. The DS Athletic Complex will help create cutting-edge practice resources that will attract the next generation of student-athletes, provide essential training spaces, support practice facilities, playing fields, campus accessibility, donor-seating, and other operational spaces and facility costs. By realizing this vision, we will come together as a community to ensure our own children and future generations will experience life experience and register indelible memories that are unquantifiable.

Please reach out to us at doversherbornboosters@gmail.com to volunteer – we could really use your help to design, plan, and orchestrate this exciting initiative.

DS Athletic Complex Questions & Answers

What is the objective of the DS Athletic Complex?

We aim to modernize and improve of the outdoor athletic complex at the regional school campus – the towns’ crown jewel.

Why is this important?  

The athletic facilities in/around Dover & Sherborn hold a variety of short comings compared to surrounding towns, early season weather challenges compromise our teams performance, limitations exist with respect to accessibility for all teams at all ages and levels, and maintaining the high standards of our academic offering, the value of our properties, and the quality of our surroundings require vision and planning.

At what stage is this whole process? 

A final feasibility plan has been paid for and presented to the Regional School Committee. The public unveiling of this vision is only just beginning. An honest capital fund raising campaign will be launched in the new year.  

How much will this proposed vision cost?  

Between $4.0-$4.8M

Who is behind this initiative?   

The DS Boosters and a Steering Committee that is growing, but needs more support. Specifically so far, we have involved: Karyn Kaplan, Dave Grosek, Dan Pastore, Peter Schwartz, Andy Thompson, Dan Sullivan, Matt Garzone, Joe Gallagher, Chris Robbins, and John Almy.

What are the challenges or known issues to this project?    

Delivering a successful fund raising campaign that incorporates our respective community members and DS alumni. Making sure we can navigate any permitting and/or environmental or other physical constraints. Addressing the long-term concerns of the Regional School Committee which largely include ongoing maintenance costs.

How long will it take to complete this project?    

Engineering and construction grade drawings will take 3-4 months; Permitting 2-3 months; Construction bids/negotiation 2-3 months; Construction 3-6 months

How can you help?  

We need help spreading the word – to all of your friends and neighbors and community partners. And of course we need to mount a successful fund raising campaign, as this project will need to be 100% funded by private donation only. Neither the Town of Dover or Sherborn nor the Regional School Committee are prepared to help finance this project.