Our Mission

The DS Boosters is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteer parents and dedicated community members who celebrate the joy of sport. We organize, promote and host a variety of community events that raise critical funds required to improve our regional campus and develop our student athletes. The DS Boosters mission is to directly impact the coaches and student athletes of all high school athletics and provide positive support to  middle school, youth and adult sports programs throughout Dover & Sherborn.


Who Are the DS Boosters?

Sarah O’Connell


Karyn Kapyln

Vice President

Thomas Britt


Judy Schulz


Christine Gleason

Marketing, Communications

Diane Russo

Raiders Rack

Alison Carothers


Gordon Goldberger

Student Web Designer

Beth Harvey

Parent Web Designer

Ava Kaplyn

Senior Student Booster Rep

Nick Rinaldi

Senior Student Booster Rep

Meredith Atkins

Funding Committee

John Budd

Funding Committee

Dennis Jenkins

Funding Committee

Drasko Korvlija

Funding Committee


Our Corporate Sponsors

We can’t do it alone. Nor can words express the gratitude we hold for your tremendous, year-over-year, acts of kindness. So while thank you does not say enough, it’s a start.  We will do our part to encourage our community to patronage your businesses.